HH donates food to poor people

HH donates food to poor people

Finally Hakainde Hichilema allowed to donate food to poor people who can’t afford it,

As announce by Vice President Inonge Wina last week, the PF government policy continued is that those that can’t afford nshima, our staple food from generation to generation must start eating cassava, pumpkins and whatever else they can scrounge.

But these food stuffs are equally expensive now and beyond the reach of many Zambians.

However, today these poor people who have been sleeping on empty stomachs will eat something.

After making the donations, HH had this to say;

We took sometime this afternoon assisting the vulnerable groups in Lusaka’s Bauleni compound where we donated bags of mealie meal.

The aged, persons living with disabilities, the widows, the orphans and other relevant groups are so dear to us and they need a helping hand especially under the current difficult economic situation.

The price of our staple food, mealie meal, is way beyond the reach of our citizens. This is what we warned last year in September when we advised those in the PF regime and offered solutions to mitigate the effects of poor rainfall in some parts of the country.

We told them not to export the maize and other crops based but they went ahead claiming that the nation had excess produce. We advised them to lower the cost of fertilizer and other inputs so as to ensure increased production, but to date the price of inputs is way beyond the reach of our citizens.

We were equally humbled to receive more than 200 strong PF members who have joined our party this afternoon in Bauleni.

We thank all those who made it for the event organised at short notice.


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