HH encourages MP Mwale to follow conscious on mutilating constitution

HH encourages MP Mwale to follow conscious on mutilating constitution

????Even Jesus Christ left his mansion in heaven to come and die for thieves like minister Chilufya Chitalu

HH writes:

During our transition from one party state to the current multiparty system, we remember how some sitting UNIP Members of Parliament like Joshua Lumina, Benny Mwiinga and a horde of others courageously stood on the floor of the house that comprised fellow UNIP MPs, and defied their political party by siding with the Zambian people. The UNIP regime was such a strong institution that it was inconceivable for anyone from within its ranks, especially a sitting MP, to openly revolt against the mighty Party.

Around 2000 and 2001, there was an attempt to mutilate the Zambian Constitution by introducing a constitutional amendment, that would have allowed late President Frederick Chiluba run for a 3rd term in office. We vividly remember 22 Cabinet Ministers that included the the then Republican Vice-president late Gen. Christon Tembo and others, who mutinied against their own political party and sitting President, by siding with the Zambian people in stopping the 3rd term constitutional amendment Bill.

During the struggle against the apartheid regime in South Africa, there were some Afrikaners who vehemently opposed their own white dominated party by siding with the majority black South Africans, in opposing the repressive regime.

In short, history is inundated with a lot of men and women who stood on the right side of history and to date, they are still remembered for having stood up against repression and prejudice.

The evil Bill 10 constitutional amendments will define how MPs as individuals will want to be remembered for years to come.


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