HH explains causes of Kwacha depreciation

HH explains causes of Kwacha depreciation

There are numerous factors that are causing the Kwacha to fall, premised on poor economic management. These are:

1. Debt servicing
2. Low investor confidence
3. Reduced exports
4. Reduced productivity
5. Capital flight

But HH, how will you fix it? In simple terms, we will:

1. Reschedule and restructure our debt
2. Build investor confidence through our robust fiscal strategy
3. Curb corruption and illicit financial flows
4. Refine mining policy to incentivise increased output
5. Engender growth in agriculture and agricultural exports
6. Provide capital for Zambian owned, companies
7. Ensure joint ventures between foreign investors and Zambians as well as promote reinvestment to reduce capital flight

Mwi sakamana mwebantu. Tuleisa muku kontolola ka economy.


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