HH falls ill in jail again

HH falls ill in jail again

Detained UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has fallen ill in jail.

And Home Affairs minister Steven Kapyongo has brought in prison officers from Kabwe to be in charge of HH.

Police sources say HH fail critically ill Monday afternoon and arrangements were made to take him to hospital. But when Edgar Lungu was informed, he cancelled the program saying ‘let the idiot die in jail’, senior prison officers revealed.

And all officers at chimbokaela have been replaced by new officers from Kabwe.

Prison officers said Kampyongo had a meeting with Commissioner General of Prisons Percy Chato where they agreed to bring new police men who will be torturing HH.

Kapyongo is not happy that the officers at Chimbokaila have not been torturing HH enough.

On the day he was arrested, HH was tortured and sprayed with yet to be known chemicals. He has not been treated for that. It could be that the poisonous chemicals has now started working.

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