HH forces Muzungu to Withdraw

Former ambassador to Libya Mulondwe Muzungu was forced to withdraw his nomination as an independent candidate for the Mufumbwe bye-election when UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema allegedly phoned him.

Muzungu was already inside the room and facing the returning officer when he was told that there is a call from Lusaka.

Meanwhile, the PF went into ecstatic celebrations when they were informed that Muzungu has withdrawn.

The first candidate to file in his nomination was PF’ Steven Masumba who approached the nomination centre with cadres mostly imported from the Copperbelt.

Then came Muzungu’s huge crowd which comprised of UPND and MMD supporters including councillors.

But when Muzungu went inside, the Watchdog is reliably informed that MMD leader Nevers Mumba who is in Mufumbwe phoned Hichilema and told him to prevail on Muzungu to withdraw.

After a phone call which lasted about 15 minutes  Muzungu told his supporters that he has to withdraw. His supporters just folded the nomination papers on which he had already started filing.

The PF members immediately started dancing in celebration of possible victory.

But UPND and some MMD members are enraged by the move to also stop Muzungu from contesting as an Independent.

A group of angry UPND supporters were heard saying, why are they forcing us to choose between vomit (MMD) and Sh*t (PF).

One cadre was heard complaining that Hichilema has forced them to go back to Egypt when they want to go Canaan.

The Watchdog understands that the UPND leadership is planning to embark on a project to convince its members to back the MMD candidate.

Even though a number of UPND have threatened not to back the MMD candidate, none is talking about supporting PF. Those who are particular angry say they will stay away from campaigning and voting but will never even think of supporting the PF.


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