Mumba with HH


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    Bigge 6 years ago

    Is that Miyanda in the background, anyway, I can’t get the argument and the police action on this one but I think the best PF would have done would have been to counter this message and substantiate if if its not true then we have a correct picture. I mean Sata himself may have made statements which were counter acted by Mwanawasa, and later RB so it would is somehow a share waste of time. What is important is to focus and right now I’m not getting that impression. We need to focus and begin to build the country. It would be sad that if we pursue this to the bitter end then who wins?????? Definitely not the poor Zambians who are continuously distressed over issues which could be better resolved by a clarification rather than imprisonment which almost always paints a negative picture to the government in power, as if they are simply taking advantage of being in power. If my memory saves me right thats what somehow led to Michael Chilufya Sata to become popular when he was arrested for being in possession of a vehicle.

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