HH gives Lungu 48 hour ultimatum

HH gives Lungu 48 hour ultimatum

*Hakainde Hichilema Writes:

Can we for once stop insulting the intelligence of Zambians on the recent case of who owns the 48 mansions in Lusaka’s Woodlands (Chalala) area.

How can Mr. Edgar Lungu and his corrupt PF regime know the so-called saboteur who cut one tiny electricity pole costing about K300 in some rural part of Southern Province, but cannot know who built 48 multi million worth of flats right in the capital city?

We are giving Mr. Lungu 48 hours to locate the owner of the 48 mansions and bring the culprit to book. We can’t buy the nonsense being peddled that they failed to identify the owner. Properties, particularly land, has a proper paper trail


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