HH gives PF govt one week to reduce fuel prices

Government must drop fuel prices immediately

As oil prices have continued to plummet on international markets, I demand on behalf of the Zambian people, that the PF government should within one week from today drop the price of fuel.

Zambians are suffering and local businesses are struggling so we cannot delay any longer.

A serious reduction in prices has been due for some time but the situation by now has become ridiculous. How can oil prices be at a third of their highs and still we are paying a very high price in Zambia.

This is another example of how poor leadership is failing to manage the economy for the benefit of Zambians.

High fuel prices are driving up food and transport costs for Zambians across the country. They are also making it harder for local businesses to grow, flourish and create much needed jobs. It also raises the question of how we can hope to export Zambian crops and products across the region when the cost of transporting them is so high.

During my campaign I have committed to lowering the price of fuel but I call on government to oversee a reduction immediately so that the pressure can be eased on a number of Zambians who have struggled to meet the rising cost.

Hakainde Hichilema

UPND President

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