HH hails health practitioners, says no complacency

He writes l:

Fellow citizens,

We are grateful for the hard working healthcare professionals on the frontline and also the officials at the Ministry of Health. It is indeed a relief that there were no new COVID 19 cases reported as of yesterday, but we must be cognizant of the fact that there is a direct correlation between the number of tests being carried out, and the number of cases being reported, as evidenced by other countries.

In short, to ascertain the real picture of COVID-19 in Zambia, we need extensive testing capabilities in order to avoid an artificially low number. Such a scenario would give a false sense of hope in our communities, which would in turn create an insurmountable challenge in the sensitization processes of the public. Going by other countries, at the rate of infection we should have been doing more than 3000 tests a day.

We therefore call on the Ministry of Health to rally the private sector and other well-wishers to make more provisions for test kits. As always, we are available to provide support in this regard.


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