HH has a disorganised mind, PF is the best party, says RB as he joins PF

Former President Rupiah Banda has described UPND president Hakainde Hichilema as a young man with a disorganized mind that cannot be trusted.

And Banda has praised the PF’s works in three years and called on every Zambian who cares to support them through Edgar Lungu.

Speaking when he found goodness in endorsing PF president Edgar Lungu and his PF party that stripped him of his immunity Banda acknowledged that Hichilema and his people offered him solidarity during the trying times under the PF but said they were just doing that for political reasons.

“When I was president he (HH) insulted me and I ignored him understanding that he is now old because of his unexplained wealth and can tell elders anything. He called uyu muzanga (Guy) Scott ati Muzungu opusa, no matter the colour of skin Scott remains an elder of the society. He (HH) used to come to offer solidarity every time I was appearing at the courts, which I appreciate and I know on his part it was only for political mileage,” Banda told a media briefing

Banda said for now every Zambian who cares for this country knows what is best for them adding that PF had started a lot of projects and some of their works may look bad for now to those who don’t think for our tomorrow, but as a former president I can assure you that with PF Zambia stands on strong grounds to strengthen and improve our economy.

“Lets support the young man Edgar C Lungu and the PF government the better future of our children and the generations to come. That is why I Rupiah Bwezani Banda, endorse Edgar Chagwa Lungu, as the best candidate in this coming presidential bye election,” Banda said.

With this endorsement of Lungu, RB will now be campaigning alongside George Mpombo who he had imprisoned and the likes of Mbita Chitala and Mike Mulongoti who fought hard to have him removed.

Just before Michael Sata died, and even recently, after Sata’s burial, RB had no good words for the PF that removed his immunity, had him arrested, and is still in court for various corrupt cases.

During his battles with Nevers Mumba over the leadership of MMD three weeks ago, RB praised UPND president as the only one who stood for him as Mumba was running away to South Africa during his cases.

Banda’s attempts to take over the MMD presidency only failed due to court ruling.

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