HH has abandoned Mazoka’s ideals-Kunda

Vice President George Kunda has accused opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader, Hakainde Hichilema of gagging the party’s original philosophy of inclusiveness and non-tribalism stance.

Mr. Kunda said Mr. Hichilema’s going into a political pact with the Patriotic Front (PF) was against the ideals on which late UPND president Anderson Mazoka formed the party.

“When the late Mazoka formed the UPND, it was represented by all tribes, it had a national agenda but HH is selling the party for silver,” he said.

He said PF president, Michael Sata, with whom Mr. Hichilema has entered into a pact, was supporting tribalism as evidenced in the last Kasama parliamentary by-election campaigns where he (Sata) allegedly declared that his candidate should be supported and voted for because he comes from Kasama.

“Hakainde Hichilema is not a tribalist, but why has he gone into a pact with a self-confessed tribalist?” he asked.

Mr. Kunda was speaking when he addressed a public rally in Chisamba today.

He appealed to UPND Members of Parliament (MPs) not to allow their party to lose the ideology it had at its formation.

“Tribalism is illegal in this country. So I am appealing to MPs in the UPND to kick HH out if he is misleading the party,” he said.

The Vice President disclosed that many members and sympathizers of the UPND have noted the differences in the UPND-PF pact and were therefore leaving it to join the MMD.

“Thousands of Zambians have seen the evil in the UPND-PF pact and so they are moving out. By 2011, the pact will be a shell,” he told the rally.

Mr. Kunda has unlike the pact, President Rupiah Banda was promoting love and non-tribalism.

He said the party had a bright future and hence should be supported by all Zambians.

He said government, under the MMD has performed very well in the education, health and agriculture sectors by building more schools, health centres and creating a fertilizer support programme for farmers.

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