HH has already delivered much

HH has already delivered much


We spent the last 10 years criticising real issues like corruption, economic mismanagement, criminality, incompetence, etc.

The current opposition is using imaginary issues to find something to say. Things like “there is no cabinet”, “cadres are still collecting money” and “HH has refused to use presidential car” are none issues that have been blown out of proportion.

HH has so far scored on a number of important matters that are hard for simplistic minds to notice or appreciate.

1. Investors confidence has been restored as evidenced by kwacha, eurobond appreciation and over-subscriptions in the bond markets.

2. Donor confidence has been restored with USA embassy reopening soon.

3. Civil servants’ working environment and morale has been improved

4. DEC, ACC and FIC are working freely

5. Farmers and traders’ incomes in the market has been boosted with the elimination of cadres

6. Appreciation of the kwacha likely to reduce cost of fuel, industrial and agricultural inputs

7. The police command has been cleansed of rogue elements

8. People’s freedom of expression has been restored

9. Confidence of regional neighbours has been restored and will eventually boot trade agreement negotiations.

10. The church has been reunited

11. Some retired civil servants have had reinstated

All these problems that PF created over the years have been reversed in just 3 weeks without a 32 man cabinet.

When Lungu hired his cabinet quickly, did we not end up with a criminal syndicate in office.

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