HH has been reduced to Kabimba’s level – Mumbi

Former Patriotic Front Secretary General, Edward Mumbi, says UPND leader Hakiande Hichilema should have engaged into consultation before going into a pact with Patriotic Front.

And Mr. Mumbi says PF leader, Michael Sata, cannot make a good president because he has never been ‘even’ a Village Headman before.

In a telephone interview with QFM, Mr. Mumbi says it is unfortunate that the PF/UPND pact is going through some misunderstandings, but adds that the misunderstandings in the pact were anticipated.

He says Mr. Hichilema made a big mistake to accept forming a pact with Mr. Sata because Mr. Sata is an arrogant man who does not respect others’ views.

He adds that despite people’s calls that the pact should chose a young leader for the presidency, Mr. Sata will not accept.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mumbi questioned Mr. Sata’s leadership experience.

He says Mr. Sata has never been a leader anywhere; adding that he has never been ‘even’ a village headman.

Mr. Mumbi also says Mr. Sata has never been a honest man in the country.

He has since expressed disappointment that the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has been reduced to the level of PF Secretary General, Winter Kabimba.

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