HH has not committed any treason, Civil rights activist Changala

HH has not committed any treason, Civil rights activist Changala


Civil rights activist Brebner Changala has said that the incarcerated UPND President Hakainde Hichilema did not commit any treason but only refused challenged the defeat against Edgar Lungu of PF. He says that the PF administration is not sure whether they indeed won the elections because they lack confidence and zeal to sell their mandate.

“We all know that HH has not committed any treasonous crime against the people of Zambia. He has only committed a crime of refusing to accept defeat. Sand this crime is against President Lungu and not the people of Zambia. What we are experiencing is an administration who’s not very sure as to whether they indeed won the 2016 general elections. They lack administrative skills and confidence to sell their acquired mandate,” said Changala in his latest facebook post.

Changala, who once supported Edgar Lungu charged that merely because one once supported the administration doesn’t mean that they have to be supported even when they do wrong things. In apparent reference to PF propagandist and ex convict Richard Sakala, Changala said that the so called PF hard core supporters have no clue of what their angelic leadership are doing because they are deliberately  left out of the loop hence do not understand the political dynamics at play.

“These so called hard core supporters of PF are not privy to any political dynamics at play. They are deliberately left out of the loop by their so called angelic leadership. They have no clue of what their beloved leadership are doing or not doing for the country. All that motivates them is their tribal supremacy and nothing else,” he says.

Changala further bemoaned the rampant corruption as evidenced by the huge amount of money circulating in the political arena than in competitive business setting where the businessmen are stone broke but a politician is liquid and full of all smiles.

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