HH hopes presidential directive to investigate 48 flats is genuine

HH hopes presidential directive to investigate 48 flats is genuine

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema writes????

We would like to thank the Zambian citizens across political affiliations for the corporate stand and disapproval over the 48 mysterious houses in Lusaka’s Woodlands (Chalala) area.

This is how it ought to be as such matters are not about UPND, PF, NDC, DP, MMD or any political parties, it’s not about where we come from, we must all rise up and show grave concern over this outrageous and despicable act of outright corruption by the PF.

Corruption is absolutely unacceptable and whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head, Zambians must expose it and call it out.

We noted that Mr. Lungu has ordered a further probe into this matter. In an ideal situation, government investigative wings ought to be very independent without being ordered or interfered with.

However, we have seen such cosmetic attempts at misleading citizens in the past where an investigation is ordered but nothing to show for it afterwards.

For example, what came out of the investigations on the purchase of fire tenders? What happened on the purchase of expired ARVs, inflated ambulances, tollgates, inflated road construction projects, the burning of city markets and so many other investigations that ultimately yielded nothing.

We must refuse to be duped and hoodwinked again. These thieves somehow know that we can make noise for a few days and forget a month later. This is a very important issue and must be monitored by all Zambians to its logical conclusion.

For once, let’s think about the amount of hunger and poverty in our communities while they are looting public resources. Our children are not in schools, farmers not given inputs and not paid, no medicines in hospitals and clinics, yet there is impunity on those controlling the national treasury to openly flaunt lavish lifestyles with so much arrogance and without any shame.

Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) reports are very clear on who owns those plush mansions and other gigantic properties within and outside the country.

Information is in public domain please. The people of Sesheke, Roan, and now Katuba constituencies have showed us the way. But we can do more as citizens to end this impunity theft of public resources. Patriotic citizens in other parts of the planet have showed us where really power lies; in the ballot.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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