HH: I can’t support president Banda because he is a corrupt old man

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema says traditional leaders supporting the candidature of Republican President Rupiah Banda are corrupt and must be ashamed.
Hichilema said he can not support president Rupiah Banda because he is a corrupt old man.
And Hichilema says Patriotic Front president Michael Sata must not be trusted with the instrument of power because he has no plan on how to run the affairs of the nation.
Addressing a huge rally in Choma Friday afternoon, Hichilema said it is unfortunate that some chiefs in the province he, Hichilema, can not win this years’ presidential elections.
Hichilema who was given a thunderous welcome to Choma said in most cases traditional leaders make such insinuation and statement because of corruption among those in leadership to discredit their subjects.
“It is total corruption that is why some of these chiefs can issue such statement about the backfired declaration, I feel pity for chiefs Mukuni and Mwanachingwala, they have just created a stream of
embarrassment for President Banda, and he has to know that these chiefs have put his chances of winning at stake,” said Hichilema.
The opposition leader noted that Zambia’s high levels of poverty are too high and only a credible, young and economically oriented leader is capable of addressing some of the challenges the nation is faced
Hichilema said his party is looking forward to form a government that will address issues of unemployment, corruption, low salaries of government workers and a government which will engage foreign investors to respect the law of the land and an all inclusive one.
He said his UPND government will consider paying civil servants a minimum of 5 million kwacha in order to empower people economically.
“It is saddening that only few people are able to eat three times a day, if the UPND forms government this year we shall ensure that we pay 5 million kwacha to every worker, for those in school we shall
ensure that jobs are created for them before they leave out of school,” said Hichilema.
He said the current government under the leadership of President Band has failed to live to its promises to respect the rule of the law, human rights and the constitution which it promised the people,
adding that shoddy deals are the older of the day.
He said the UPND will never rally behind President Banda because he was a failed and corrupt old man who needed time to go back to farm and rest.
“Corruption in this government is what you see, is just a little bit of it, this government strives on corruption that is why all appointments made by the head of state are questionable,” he said.
And Hichilema said Sata must not be trusted with leadership instruments because of luck of consistence in the manner he handles issues of governance.
Hichilema said the failure of the pact must be blamed on The Post newspapers and the PF.
“How do you trust Sata when he has failed to unite and respect the resolutions of the pact national governing council? It is saddening that The Post newspapers had created a notion that we in the UPND
failed the pact,” he said amid people shouting PF vuvuzela, tell Amose Malupenga that we want real change not Sata but with Hichilema.
At the same rally over 4000 MMD and PF cadres defected to the UPND citing bad leadership practices in the ruling MMD and the opposition PF.
Defectors who were welcomed by Hichilema promised to divulge more of the undemocratic tendencies created by the top leadership of the two parties.
A Watchdog reporter who was in the area reports that Business in Choma town came to a stand still for over three hours as people wanted to take a look at Hichilema.
As the rally was going on some UPND members and others in PF T. shirts were heard saying President Banda must explain why Southern province minister Elijah Muchima in February this year referred to the Tonga speaking people as people who are difficult to work with.

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