HH: I don’t give a damn about Post and I don’t read it

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has charged that he does not give a damn about what The Post newspaper writes about him and his party

And Hichilema (LEFT) has accused the ruling Patriotic Front(PF)  of copying the UPND manifesto during the run-up to the 2011 general elections but has failed to implement it because it has no idea on how to do it.

Speaking this morning on “Let the people talk” program on Radio Phoenix, Hichilema said there is nothing to reconcile about with The Post newspaper which he accused of reporting negative and falsehood about him and the UPND.

“I don’t give a damn about the Post newspaper, they can write anything they feel, I don’t care about their editorial comments,” he said

Hichilema said he does not even buy or read The Post newspaper, but the people inform he on the hate that they allegedly harbor about him.

Meanwhile Hichilema has maintained that president Sata and the PF cheated the electorates during the campaign using their “Don’t kubeba” slogan.

“PF glorified falsehood with its don’t kubeba, the cheated the youth that they were going to provide jobs for them.Where are the Jobs? PF cheated the Zambians that they would reintroduce the windfall tax on the mines, PF cheated that government will provide free education.”

And Hichilema has charged that President Michael Sata’s lack of consultation is resulting in the country losing direction.

Hichilema says President Sata has continued to make grave mistakes in the governance of the country due to failure to consult.

He says as a leader who is entrusted with the leadership of the country, he is mandated to consult on most policy decisions being made by government.

He says it is shocking to see how President Sata could make the decision to realign districts in southern province without formal consultations.

Hichilema says the president is leading the country as if he assumed power through a non-democratic process.

And Hichilema says government should take its time before it implements the rebasing of the Kwacha.

He says a country like Zambia cannot afford to print the new currency as it has huge negative consequences on the kwacha.

[Source: The Independent Post]


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