‘’HH is gracious and kind’

‘’HH is gracious and kind’


By: Anthony Bwalya – UPND Member

Yesterday, we spent more than Two (2) hours of honest, engaging conversation together.

Hakainde Hichilema is not the kind you can accuse of not having a plan for the country, nor can you accuse him of lacking foresight.

I can confess, that HH is a gracious and kind man; especially towards his self proclaimed adversaries. Have you ever wondered why he has never had anything bad to say about those who make a living out of attacking him?

Let me say, HH comes from a disciplined personal and professional background; the kind of discipline Zambia needs in her Republican President.

But in those Two (2) precious hours yesterday, we talked the following:

1. Alleviating household poverty by delivering equity and justice through comprehensive tax and pensions reforms

2. Plight of students and young graduates regarding meal allowances and loan recovery program

3. Plight of civil servants regarding their general working conditions, including salaries.

4. A ready and waiting $2.3bn tourism investment proposal and implementation plan covering wildlife and environmental protection, tourism strategic network expansion plan, how we can bring millions of dollars of free money in the form of carbon credits and create up to 15, 000 jobs in the tourism sector.

5. A national energy overhaul plan aimed at ending loadshedding within 9 – 12 months by delivering at least 100MW of solar energy generation capacity in each one of our 10 provinces.

6. Strategies for resolving the crippling $20bn national debt crisis and ending the $2bn per year government sponsored corruption cartel.

7. Post COVID19 Zambia and how SMEs can be helped back onto their feet through accelerated, targeted business incentives.

We need to stop debating who the next head state will be and instead start focussing on strategies of helping HH put the country back onto the road to recovery and prosperity.

He has the right kind of leadership expertise, discipline and focus to become President of the Republic of Zambia.

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