HH is greedy and can destroy country – Nawakwi

HH is greedy and can destroy country – Nawakwi


_”His wealth was illicitly obtained from the privatization process-former Minister of Finance discloses”_

Lusaka- August 27 2020

Opposition UPND leader is a ruthless, violent, tribal and greedy man determined to obtain wealth at all cost.

Forum for Deocracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi has charged that her experience with Hichilema depicted a man who was violent, brutal, tribal and lacked respect for his colleagues in the Opposition.

She said Hichilema was unfit to be leader of the country.

She said Hichilema lacked humility and regarded everybody else with contempt.

She reminded the country that Hichilema unleashed violence on her, over a political differences they had when 3 political parties, UNIP, FDD and UPND came together in 2006 to form an an alliance called United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

She said previous presidents from Levy Mwanawasa, Rupiah Banda and Michael Sata tried to court him but Hichioema lacked humility and was full himself.

Nawakwi was speaking on Hot FM and said Hichilema has been attacking her using his online newspapers like Koswe.

She said Hichilema benefited from the privatization assets as a consultant and ended up owning many assets he was entrusted to sale such as those belonging to Lima Bank.

She said he obtained the house belonging to Lima Bank situtaed on Serval Road, Kabulonga, from an entity, Lima Bank, that he was privatizing.

He also obtained state ranches that he was tasked to sale.

She also said the sale of Musio-O-Tunya Intercontinental Hotel was sold at $6million, a Hotel valued at more than $26million at the time.

She said Hichilema became a Board member and part owner Sun International.

She also said as Receiver Manager of RAMCOZ, Hichilema needed to explain what they did with the $35million for the sale.

She said if Hichilema was entrusted with state power, he will be like King Ahab who killed a peasant,Naboth, over his own piece of land.

She said it was on record that Hichilema has been getting land, grabbing land from ordinary people including one who has suffered a stroke.

She also likened Hichilema to Nabal described in 1 Samuel 25:1-42, a wealthy but foolish man who disregarded authority and other people, but was served by his wife Abigail from the wrath of King David.

But God struck down Nabal ten days later for disregarding the authority of King David.

Nawakwi said as former Finance Minister, she knows that Hichilema has a duty to explain to Zambians, his corrupt role in the privatization process that earned him illicit wealth.

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