HH is not a terrorist to be confined

HH is not a terrorist to be confined


Blocking of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema from interacting with citizens is an affront to his human right of movement.
What is PF so scared off that every time HH is heard to be outside his premises, ECL unleashes his men in Uniform to block or follow him?

HH is at liberty just like anyone else to move about freely without any intimidations.

PF is now behaving like a bunch of little frightened men before a monster
I urge PF to instead focus on how it would end load shading and hunger than wasting tax payers money unleashing police on someone who is no near a threat to the country.
HH is not a terrorist of terror to deserve that much fear from PF regime.

ECL and his cronies have politicised the hunger situation in the country by denying that the country has not been hit by hunger
Weeks ago HH wanted to kick start donations of food stuffs to hunger stricken places, and the rude shock response HH received from PF was a shocking one where PF told him that he should take the mealie Meal and other food stuffs to go and feed his animals in southern Province, but few days ago, Bizwell Mutale a PF cadre in RSA donated 5000 x 10kg bags of maize seeds and 200 x 25kg bags of mealie meal, and all these donations have landed only in Southern Province, why only Southern Province?
The simple answer is they are looking for sympathy votes in 2021

People are not gullible and stupid such that they can easily be bought by such stupid political maneuvers.

ECL should know that denying people food is more deadly than terrorism.
ECL and his cronies have denied HH from offering humanitarian food and Gene set to people, all because of his thirsty to be at the helm of power for long, but let him remember that his greediness for power will send him packing come 2021 and he will be judged harshly for the harsh anguish of pain he has inflicted on the poor and widows looking after the orphaned.

Banda Sakarya- UPND Kalulishi District Vice Chairman Admin

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