HH is now an Africa giant, Nevers Mumba

HH is now an Africa giant, Nevers Mumba

We wish to welcome the walk to freedom by our brother UPND President Hakainde Hichilema. Hakainda’s false incarceration as a result of trumped up charges, marked one of the darkest hours of our Nation’s history, and brought to the fore our deep divisions as a people, and scars all of us must strive to heal.

It showed us how complicity by most organs of Government, can be abused to carry out political vengeance, through bogus prosecutions on trumped up charges in collusion with those that have been entrusted with power by the people, to dispense justice on their behalf. The Amnesty Southern African representative correctly observed when he said, “Persecution by prosecution is the hallmark of the PF’s strategy to disadvantage all those that are politically opposed to it”.

Just a few days ago our colleague Obvious Mwaliteta was cleared by the courts of law, after being locked away in jail for an entire year for some crime that never existed.

This proves that our law enforcement require urgent surgical restructuring in order to meet the required standards that will meet the true aspirations of every citizen, rich or poor regardless of gender, religion or political persuasion.

Our Police are supposed to be the guardian and the backbone of our society and must always endeavour to give out the best and always be ready to stand in defence of the persecuted and the weak.

This noble task of law enforcement is a core asset that must profoundly define our character as a Nation and as a people with shared values and a common destiny.

We regret to note that from the beginning of Mr Hichelama’s traumatic and State sponsored persecution, it was all clear that he was innocent and that the whole process had been designed to humiliate, break and torment a citizen whose only ‘offense’, was to aspire to run for public office which is his fundamental right enshrined in the constitution of Zambia.

We call upon all our fellow citizens to pause and collectively search our inner beings honestly and truely. Did Hakainde a decent family man and law abiding citizen, deserve this inhuman treatment? Did Hichilema who always diligently and dutifully availed himself to any Police station, across the Republic once summoned even by a mere constable, deserve an entire battalion of masked troops,to forcibly gain entry into his private home and teargas his wife, family and staff in the dead of the night?

It’s high time our Nation retune our collective conscience and rediscover our moral compass and ask ourselves hard and honest questions about the direction of the Country.

President Hakainde Hichilema is my brother from another mother. We are each other’s keepers and we warmly welcome his release,but not the manner it has been carried out. HH deserved an outright acquital because he is absolutely innocent. Sadly, citizens once again have been robbed of an opportunity to hear the truth as a consequence of the Nolle by the DPP.

HH has now become an African giant in the fight against injustice and we congratulate him for standing up for virtues of human dignity and democratic values of our people.

All people of good will must condemn the PF Government for leading our Country towards an ugly path of hatred and vindictiveness. We thank the Almighty God that in all this He remains the final Judge.

In the same vein, we wish to encourage our Judiciary to always be firm and fair and remind them that they are the bedrock and custodians of our freedoms. Without their fair dispensation, adjudication and defence of our shared values as a people, our Nation is headed for the abyss. They are our heartbeat and must fiercely and independently define who we corporately are, as one Nation under One God.

God bless the Republic of Zambia and may He bless all of our people.

Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba


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