HH is on point to tell the world about Zambia

HH is on point to tell the world about Zambia

By: Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa



When HH was thrown into the notorious, torturous and hellish Zambian prisons, on badly cooked up and tramped up treason charges;

These paid agents of tyranny, these traitors and cheap political megaphones were as silent as rats.

Today these spineless and shameless charlatans want to lecture us about democracy in Zambia.

What defines an entity is its characteristics. Washing a pig, spraying perfume on it and meticulously applying lipstick on its lips, does not transform a pig into a pretty beauty queen.

Its easy to support those in power, even when they are engaged in heinous and despicable acts against their own people.

Any rat or wimp can raise his corruption tainted voice in support of the all powerful.

However, history remembers those who stand up to dangerous and vicious bullies.

HH was abused, tortured and tormented for months on end in heartrending captivity.

Only a soulless, refined imbecile would expect HH to sing praises for those who had mistreated him for so long.

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