‘HH is right on Dr Banda’

President Hichilema’s claim that his party’s offer for the vice presidency to Dr Canisius Banda is meant to consolidate the opposition
has merit.

Unllike many senior members of the MMD, Dr Canisius Banda is untainted.

His character is as clean as it was before he joined active politics. He remains an exemplary man. Dr Canisius Banda runs the risk
of soiling his reuptation if he continues to stay in the MMD.

The MMD is only using him to sanaitise itself. Many of the reasons that led to the MMD losing power in 2011 cannot be blamed on this fine son of the

He resigned from the civil service where he served well in June2011 and three months later the MMD was out of power.

In 2011, Dr Canisius Banda was only a victim of circumstances.
However, despite the wind blowing against the MMD that year, he put up one of the most captivating campaigns. His own party ranked him among the top five best campaigners that year. If there was a seat that the MMD thought they would carry in 2011, it was Mandevu. The jury is
still out as to who really won that election because speculations are

I know what I am saying. According to the ECZ tabulations, Dr Canisius Banda results were very impressive. Despite the wind blowing
against the MMD, he increased his party’s fortunes.

Other reasons for him to take up the offer include:

(a) Being a post-independence child, it ushers onto the political stage worthy new actors, who should now take the baton of natonalleadership from our aging founding fathers
(b)It will also show that the UPND accomodates any willing citizen
(c) Whether you like it or not, it actually strengthens the opposition
(d) That Dr Canisius Banda did not look for this position; that it was
offered to him says something flattering about the man, something
worth watching

The MMD can only retain Dr CanisiusBnada for selfish reasons, and not for the interests of Dr Canisius Banda and the nation at larger.
Instead, they ought to be proud that within their midts exist desirable brains that they must learn to treat well and not trash.

On one hand Dr Canisius Banda added value to the MMD, and on the other, the MMD takes value away from Dr Canisus Banda.

I wish the PF had seen what HH has observed.

This is indeed exciting. Let us wait and see.

Priscilla Sampa

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