HH maintains rejection of elections results

HH maintains rejection of elections results

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says he doesn’t recognize his election loss to PF’s Edgar Lungu, saying the vote was “stolen,” and urged the public to “fight to restore your democracy.”

“Now the people of Zambia should take over this fight to protect your constitution,” Hichilema told reporters Friday in the capital, Lusaka. “From today, I am declaring, we’re not just politicians, we are also freedom fighters.”

Lungu won 50.4 percent of the vote against Hichilema’s 47.6 percent, enough to avoid a run-off, the Electoral Commission of Zambia said. Hichilema accused Lungu’s ruling Patriotic Front of colluding with the commission to manipulate the results, a claim they both denied.

 The aftermath of the vote has deepened political uncertainty in Africa’s second-biggest copper producer and one of the continent’s most stable democracies after an election campaign tainted by violence and intimidation.

The Constitutional Court on Sept. 5 failed to hear a petition by Hichilema to nullify the Aug. 11 elections claiming that there was no time. The High Court is scheduled later on Friday to hear an appeal by Hichilema to suspend to the Constitutional Court’s decision and Lungu’s swearing-in.

Yields on Zambia’s $1 billion of bonds due April 2024 fell for a sixth day as of 2:07 p.m. on Friday, dropping less than one basis point to 8.42 percent, the lowest on a closing basis since June 2015. The kwacha strengthened 0.3 percent to 10.1750 per dollar, the first gain since Aug. 31.


“The Judiciary is an arm of government that should have qualified judges with vast experience in Law whereby no amount of silver should sway away the judges’ dignity…
Having fought so hard to have the judiciary which is independent, today in our country, Lungu has abused it to a point where it has lost its integrity… ” – Charles L Milupi.

“I am not interested in contracts from Edgar Lungu but the Zambian people.” – GBM

“PF have stolen over 300,000 from Hakainde Hichilema.” – Dr Nevers Mumba

“First, I would like to thank God for keeping us together. And there is a reason He has kept us together.” – HH

“I know that a lot has been said, I want to call upon the media, please transfer the information because we are living under a dictator.” – HH

“One dictator called Edgar Lungu has managed to shut down the Post when many presidents before him failed to do that.” – HH

“We could not fly, our helicopters were grounded, We could not hold indoor meetings” – HH

“We won the 11th August 2016 election. Even a 5 year old child knows that.” – HH

“In fact, on the afternoon of Saturday after voting he (Lungu) was willing to concede defeat.” – HH

“He was promised by one Esau Chulu and one former president. He was promised by one Priscilla Isaac.” – HH

“We decided to go to the Constitutional Courts, as law abiding citizens. We put a motion for Lungu to handover power to the Speaker” – HH

“The court and the 5 judges unanimously ruled that HH would be heard from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday to Thursday this week.” – HH

“Monday comes and judge Sitali comes, Mungeni and Palani Mulonda were bought.” – HH

“We have received no justice. Our election as stolen.” – HH

“We do not recognise Edgar Lungu as the winner of the 11 August 2016 election.” – HH

“We have done our part as individuals. Today we announce to the people of Zambia. That now the people of Zambia should take over this fight.” – HH

“We will never surrender to thugs and dictators.” – HH

“This is not an ethnic fight. This is a fight to restore our democracy, our constitution and our human rights.” – HH

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Zambian Watchdog

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Mwangana Kachana
Mwangana Kachana But we can’t afford a civil this country too broke for that

Given Mutale
Given Mutale If you are with God no man can steal your vote

Zambian Watchdog
Published by Moyo Banda · 8 hrs ·

A Lusaka High Court has set 16 hours today as the time to rule on whether the Constitutional Court breached the fundamental rights of HH and GBM for a fair hearing before an impartial court when it made a judgment without hearing their complaint or looking at their evidence.

The two are challenging the declaration of Edgar Lungu as the winner of the presidential election but the majority of the constitutional court judges working in collusion with PF lawyers made it impossible for the UPND to table their petition. The father of judge Annie Mwewa Sitali is the PF central Committee member in charge of energy.

The lawyers for UPND were arguing in the High Court until about midnight yesterday. Strangely, PF lawyers are now appearing before the high court to defend the Constitutional Court.

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Zambian Watchdog
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McCollins Theo
McCollins Theo So, if Lungu goes free with his criminal acts then the young generation will believe that rigging is the only way to stay in power. Let’s not just support without looking on the other side of the coin, what happened was serious and the Concort judges are fearing of losing their jobs..
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Kasimbo Simango
Kasimbo Simango When they delay like this, then trust me they r giving time for corruption & bribery. Thats wat happened at ECZ & concourt. Otherwise, the case is straight forward without the above. Coz even the friday sitting of concourt was not day 14 but day 15. ThSee More
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Zambian Watchdog
Published by Moyo Banda · 17 hrs ·


Happening Right Now At The High Court


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Zambian Watchdog
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Amos Chitambala
Amos Chitambala if u. want to move on don’t steal votes from UPND where is Chavula and justice Chulu,s Lundazi constituency results? we want a clearn president to rule us not from the back door! we can wait for more time till the court hear us” on how PF worked with tSee More

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Chipo Mwaanga Hamungala
Chipo Mwaanga Hamungala This fight for justice is not for GBM and HH, its for future Zambia . The wrong should be fought up to the end . We should live in harmony with the law.
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Zambian Watchdog
Published by Moyo Banda · 21 hrs ·

There will be a Press Briefing to be addressed by UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Vice-President Dr. Canisius Banda, MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba, ADD President Charles Milupi and other senior party officials.

It will be held at Chainama Hotel tomorrow Friday 9th September 2016 from 09:30 hours.

You are all cordially invited to attend.

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Zambian Watchdog
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Clement Ngoma
Clement Ngoma My sincere advisory tips all UPND management committee members and other allied political leaders ,Zambians are calm because our democracy is very respected ,five term of mandate is too short ,it s time to enlarged the party structures countrywide ,don’t panic God works in mysterious ways, let’s us plan ahead,
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Isaac Molela
Isaac Molela We must congratulate Upnd for being best opposers and losers politically.I mean PF wouldn’t be proud of the win without a loser.
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The tender for the intergrated public safety and security system which would see the installation of CCTV in all strategic places in Lusaka with a command centre to monitor and deploy counter measures for security and safety has hit another snag.

Ministry of Home Affairs permanent secretary Dr Chileshe Mulenga has flouted procurement procedure to shortlist only three Korean out of seven recommended companies to proceed t

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Zambian Watchdog
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Chad Mupila
Chad Mupila That kind of money is too much for one city to benefit. It is a .
Solwezi that produces that lmoney is not planned to international standard and to lusaka such unnecessary expense.See More
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Derriciazoh Starlee
Derriciazoh Starlee This is just the begining my friends,wait and see.You were cerebrating but your cerebrations will turn into a cry!Dununa reverse we will feel it all wether pf,upnd,add fdd etc coz you never wanted justice to prevail.
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UPND vice President of Politics Dr. Canisius Banda is next to exist the party. This move has been orchestrated to divide the UPND during this trying time.  Dr. Banda has been courted for the past 4 months but it seems now is the time for him to finally join the band wagon.

Dr. Canisius Banda is currently being accommodated at Cresta Golf view as he awaits for his defection payment. More information to follow soon.
'This is an eye opener to the UPND leadership, HH and GBM you are currently surrounded by a bunch of hungry wolves,' the source said. 
 The source further said ,' In bemba we say uukwebele Ifwa yakwa noko mutanshi Kabili iyabuluma tailya muntu.''

The World Bank has advised the Zambian government to cut its expenditure bill by dropping a fuel and power subsidy programme.

In its latest country-focused cost-cutting advisory report, the global financial institution said the removal of the subsidies would help Zambia reduce the effects of the ongoing economic slowdown. Apart from internal currency pressures attributed to a strong US dollar, the Zambian economic slowdown has been linked to the ongoing global slump in demand and prices for mineral commodities including copper, its main export revenue earner.

In the report entitled: “Beating the slowdown: Making every Kwacha count”, World Bank Country Manager for Zambia, Ina-Marlene Ruthenberg, said the removal of subsidies would help if run parallel with a public expenditure programme aimed at strengthening financial and other social safety nets to mitigate vulnerability to poverty among poor households.

“By making every Kwacha count, a return to faster growth will be expedited. That growth itself can be made more inclusive to support households escape from poverty and to ensure that prosperity is better shared in Zambia. It is estimated that fuel subsidies have averaged close to $36-million a month between September 2015 and May 2016. With electricity subsidies at $26-million a month, that makes a combined annual bill of $576-million. That is putting pressure on the budget,” the report said.
Further, the report said the current power crisis underlined the need for government to ensure that new generation projects were adequately funded and old ones maintained to avoid the need for interventions like subsidies, which represented a massive drain on the nation.
Further, the bank said the low power tariff regime in Zambia was scaring away new investments into the power development sector.
Because it was sub-economic, the low power tariff regime also made it impossible for the government to generate adequate power and maintain the current electricity transmission grid.
“Inadequate electricity tariffs limit the extent to which the existing generation and grid network is maintained and the extent to which investments in new generation capacity and network expansion by either ZESCO or private parties can be made. Furthermore, the cost of subsidising the sector creates significant fiscal pressures,” the report said.
Among other power saving measures, the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) runs a daily load-shedding regime of four hours.
Supplementary power is imported from Mozambique and Turkish company Ka-Power via a power barge moored off the coast of Mozambique.'
Zambian Watchdog's photo.
Zambian Watchdog's photo.

Press Statement 

6th September 2016

We take note of the democratic decision taken by the United Democratic Front President Miles Sampa yesterday.

As UPND, we would like to sincerely thank him for the great partnership him and his party members brought through the Alliance we entered into via a Memorandum of Understanding.

True to our Memorandum of Understanding, Miles Sampa did not join the UPND, but we had a great alliance that made us traverse the country and campaigned together, while recognising that he was also a leader of his own political party with membership in Zambia. 

We would like to sincerely thank him for the extra votes he brought for us through our working relationship, and we would now wish him the best as he grows his political party or indeed in any decision he would like to take as it is his democratic right to do so.

Hakainde Hichilema 

UPND President'
Zambian Watchdog's photo.
Zambian Watchdog's photo.
Zambian Watchdog's photo.
Zambian Watchdog's photo.



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