HH says Sata will rubbish results of judges tribunal if it will be against his friends

HH says Sata will rubbish results of judges tribunal if it will be against his friends


UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has maintained that the Malawian judge led tribunal is just meant to punish Zambian judges for ruling that president Sata’s friends should pay back  the K14 billion loan they owe the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ).

Hichilema was speaking Sunday night on Muvi TV during discussion on the suspension of Judges Nigel Mutuna, Charles Kajimanga and Philip Musonda by President Sata.

During the programme, Hichilema maintained that the setting up of the tribunal to investigate the trio is illegal and abuse of authority by President Sata.

Hichilma insisted that President Sata’s decision to suspend the judges was rushed because he did not allow the Judicial Complaints Authority to study or investigate the matter.

Hichilema also observed that the PF was on a mission to deliver favours to each other saying The Post’s Fred M’membe is now being rewarded for supporting the PF during last year’s elections.

Hichilema also said that the UPND and other opposition political parties were not against the idea of ridding the judiciary of ‘bad eggs’ but said the judicial reforms should be done in an holistic manner.

Hichilema further predicted that President Sata will throw out the results of the tribunal set up to investigate the suspended lawyers if the trio are found to be innocent of any wrong doing.

He said this is because the results of the tribunal are predetermined as they are aimed at punishing the three judges for ruling against what he described as President Sata’s friends.

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