HH maintains ultimatum on fuel reduction

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has reiterated the seven days ultimatum he gave the PF government last week for them to reduce fuel prices following the sharp fall of the crude oil on the world market.

Speaking when he addressed a mammoth rally and in an interview in Mazabuka, Hichilema said it was high time his party provided economic liberation to the Zambian people by first ordering the PF government to reduce fuel prices immediately.

“They are now remaining with very few days to the deadline I gave them to reduce the fuel prices. To start with, this fuel reduction I am ordering them to give the Zambian people has nothing to do with any improved economic activity or fundamentals that have happened. This fuel reduction is purely a new year gift to the Zambian people due to sharp reductions on the price of crude oil on the international market. Zambians deserve to benefit so that we can start stimulating the economy. But of course as UPND, there will be further reductions based on robust economic measures we shall put in place both in short and long term,” he told the crowd.

Mr. Hichilema said the PF did not deserve any more time in office because of the damage they have caused to the economy and the people of Zambia.

“Schools have opened but the PF government have not paid you farmers up to now. The rain season is almost over but the PF have not paid you for your toil. How can one expect you to buy inputs for this season? Remember when you vote for Hakainde and UPND you are voting for cheaper farming inputs, cheaper mealie meal, early payment for you farmers, lifting of the illegal wage freeze for workers, voting for a new constitution and better economic management that will free the country from excessive borrowing as is the case under the PF regime,” he said.

At the same rally, ADD President Charles Milupi passionately appealed to Zambians and UPND supporters across the country to turnout in large numbers on 20th January and liberate the country by voting for Mr. Hikainde of the UPND.

He also called on people to jealously guard their voters cards and be vigilant against any form of manipulation by the desperate PF government.

He reminded people that even if they were bribed, they should think of the long term consequences if they voted based on a small bribe when their children are not in schools and are not eating adequately due to cost of living.

Lubasenshi Independent MP Patrick Mucheleka told the crowd that Mr. Hichilema has been widely accepted across the country and there was no reason any Zambian from any part of the country should have any reservations in voting for him.

Mr. Hichilema and entourage are today expected to hold campaign meetings in Monze and surrounding areas.

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