HH may have the last laugh

HH may have the last laugh



By Friday Kashiwa

Dear Editor.
I was born and grown up in Shiwangandu District, which was the epicenter of the Zambian liberation struggle.

What we are witnessing today in this country is NOT what our galant men and women, the freedom fighters fought and died for.

This is the most despicable and disastrous leadership generational shift and the most distressing moments.

Currently the country has the most disappointing and disastrous leadership, both at political, professional, clergy and traditional levels.

Today the country is bleeding.

Today the country is full of leadership mediocrity and hypocrisy but empty of leadership direction.

Today, certain individuals are being restricted to freely move around their own country.

In particular, one opposition leader of the United Party for National Development, Hakainde Hichilema is constantly being blocked entry into almost all the towns he wants to tour and interract with his fellow Zambians.

Today there’s a possibility that one day HH may even be blocked from coming back and entering Lusaka, because the incumbent republican president stays there.

Today, the Zambian Airspace has suddenly become too small and only allowing one person to move around.

But as before and during the liberation struggle, Zambians have again risen to the challenge; they have refused to be deceived, cheated and intimidated by their elected leaders.

Today Zambians are saying enough is enough, change of leadership is inevitable, even if those in the ruling party and their surrogates tell us that, if elected, HH will sell the National Anthem to foreigners.

Today all the Minibus conductors are telling their passengers to be patient as their CHANGE will come on 12th August.

Today, Zambians have loudly spoken and pleaded that the incumbent republican President ECL should rest and give chance to new ideas and new leadership, because come 12th August elections:

And Hakainde Hichilema, HH the Bally will soon have the last laugh.

Friday Kashiwa.

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