HH may not be taken to court today

HH may not be taken to court today

Hakainde Hichilema might not even be taken to court today, latest information indicates.

If he will, he might just appear briefly then taken to another prison either Mukobeko or some other dirty dungeon.

Steven Kapyongo and other ministers controlling Lungu have advised him to keep HH in jail longer ‘so that he can recognise you’ as president.

But the main motive Kapyongo, Davies Chama and others want Lungu to keep HH in prison is to make sure Lungu continues receiving local and international condemnation so that even the few support he has can dwindle further.

Kapyongo and group are praying for chaos which might even lead to deaths of people so that it can reflect badly on Lungu.

‘The true greens in PF know that Lungu wants to run for a third term and he clearly said this himself, so they believe that the mistake of arresting HH will paint Lungu black, a source from the wako ni wako camp explained.

‘So they are giving Lungu wrong advice as they know he hates HH so anything that harms HH is sound advice to him but he does not know that the advice is meant to benefit them and harm his credentials as you can see the whole world now looks at EL as a dictator,’ the source said.

Even Chishimba Kambwili was heard celebrating the arrest of HH saying Lungu is killing two birds with ‘one hand for me’.

Kambwili’ s theory is that by arresting HH, Lungu will remove the only challenge for him in the next elections but at the same time destroying his own name. Kambwili hopes that Lungu will jail HH for life or until after the next elections.

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