HH maybe harmed at Betty’s funeral

HH maybe harmed at Betty’s funeral

The following message has been posted on Facebook:

‘PF cadres to wear UPND attire tomorrow [today] and cause havoc at Mama Betty’s burial tomorrow,, the POST photographers have been told to position themselves for pictures…some to wear suits and sit close to HH in order to harm him.’

Meanwhile, Zambia Reports writes that the PF police force has been forced to rescind its decision banning political cadres, particularly PF thugs, from wearing party regalia at the funeral of Mama Betty Kaunda today.

According to Radio Phoenix, Home affairs permanent secretary Maxwell Nkole has directed police to lift the ban on party regalia during the procession.

Last Friday, PF cadres went on rampage during the requiem mass of Mama Kaunda attacking UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his supporters.

Hichilema’s supporter Edward Mumbi was physically assaulted by known PF hooliganism but no arrest has so far been made.

Police were prompted to ban party regalia at the funeral but cadres have pressed on the PF to allow them wear their chitenge and t-shirts as a way of displaying their presence.

The decision to ban party regalia was a measure by the police to deal with the mob psychology the PF hooligans are riding on.

But Nkole says wearing party regalia at the funeral was a sign to demonstrate the unity that Mama Betty Kaunda, the founding first lady, stood for.

Meanwhile, deputy minister in the Ministry of Home affairs Stephen Kampyongo has told the police not tolerate unruly cadres at the funeral service for Mama Betty Kaunda.

Kampyongo claimes government will not spare the officers that will fail to see to it that law and order is maintained during the funeral service for the former first Lady.

Church mother bodies in Zambia have issued a statement condemning PF over the violence but all the ruling party’s propaganda wings – The Post, Times of Zambia and Daily Mail – ignored it.

“We issue this statement as Churches because it cannot be business as usual. That the violence was spearheaded by the Patriotic Front (PF) cadres who only a few months ago were on the receiving end of such violence makes us wonder if this is truly the change Zambians wanted,” he stated.

“The manner of the violence, at the Cathedral, suggests pre-meditated and planned behaviour. This is evil and wrong.

“The Church is of the considered view that political parties need to take full responsibility of the behaviour of their party cadres. It is, after all, the politicians who control the cadres. The violence is carried out in the name of their political party and that of its top leadership.”

The three Christian Church mother bodies which are Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) and the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) have not hidden their disappointment with the President Michael Sata’s Patriotic Front.

“We are deeply dissatisfied as Church mother bodies with the reactions from the PF leadership. What we have heard so far is too little, too late and very half-hearted indeed. Feeble reactions such as what we have heard send a wrong message to cadres.

“We expected robust condemnation from the ruling party. The PF as the party in Government needs to demonstrate that it is a party that does not condone violence, even under extreme provocation. The PF party can afford to be magnanimous. Doing so will endear them to the wider Zambian public.”

President Sata and PF are well known to be architects of violence even during their time in the opposition but consistently blamed the then ruling MMD.

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