HH might be arrested for declaring hunger a national disaster

HH might be arrested for declaring hunger a national disaster

Government might arrest UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for declaring hunger as a national disaster, the Watchdog has been informed.

According to officials close to the operation, by declaring hunger a disaster, HH usurped powers the  president and embarrassed the government.

Reports compiled by government wings such as Disaster Management Unit,  District Commissioners’s offices across the country, and independent agencies like the Catholic Relief Services, and international agencies such as World Food programme and donor community are consistent that there is acute hunger in the country that needs international intervention.

But for the international community to move in, government should first acknowledge the situation by declaring hunger as national disaster.

That’s what other governments such as Namibia and others in the region have done and are already receiving international support.

Last month the British government urged President Lungu to declare hunger a national disaster, a request that was turned down. Government said hunger was only in Gwembe district of Southern province.

On Monday UPND President Mr. Hichilema said he would not wait for Mr Lungu and immediately declared hunger situation in the country as a national disaster that needs massive local and international intervention.

Mr. Hichilema immediately called on all well wishers to immediately move in and offer help to the hunger striken communities.

The move by Mr. Hichilema took the PF by surprise, with some suggesting that he had committed treason by assuming the role that should have done by Edgar Lungu.

Government sources say President Lungu was told sometime back to act by declaring hunger as national disaster, but he did not.

Sources say Lungu intended to declare hunger as national disaster around September or October, but Mr. Hichilema has now done it, putting the entire PF regime in huge embarrassment for acting late.

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