HH, Miyanda, Milupi meeting over possible alliance as Miyanda says PF and MMD same

HH, Miyanda, Milupi meeting over possible alliance as Miyanda says PF and MMD same

General Miyanda

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, Heritage Party leader Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda and Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) president Charles Milupi  have been meeting for a possible alliance, the Watchdog understands.

And Miyanda has explained that the Patriotic Front and the ruling MMD are one and same party.
In a telephone interview Wednesday morning after his press conference, Miyanda told the Watchdog that voting for the PF and the ruling MMD will not provide any meaningful change to the democratic and economical growth of the nation.
Miyanda who is former Vice president of Zambia in the MMD government said the current PF and MMD are one and the same because the people who are leading the two parties were MMD, hence the change they are talking about should be highly questionable.
“These two parties (MMD and the PF) cannot offer any alternative changes the people of Zambia are crying for, yes Zambia needs change but not under the PF leadership because these two parties are one and the same, they have the same character of doing things,” said Miyanda.
He said both the MMD and the PF were not part of the solution to the problems the country is faced with, hence no need to vote for them.

Miyanda whose HP intends to form an alliance with unknown party said trust and openness was important in the governance of the country, adding that there is no need for his party to rush into a pact or an alliance with the PF when there were other political parties trustworthy.
“As a party we are seriously consulting the general membership which route to take but we shall work with other political parties, I am still very desirous to work for Zambia and its people because the problems we are faced with starts from statehouse and not a poor constitution as many people have referred too,” he said.
Miyanda said he was not interested in positions but to ensure that this country is not left in the hands of people who are power hungry.
He said he was willing to work with any one whose ideologies are about liberating Zambia from the shackles of corruption, bad governance and greed among the leadership just as it was in 1991.
And highly placed sources within the Heritage Party have revealed to the Watchdog that Miyanda has been meeting UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) Charles Milupi for a possible coalition.
The source told the Watchdog Wednesday afternoon that Miyanda has
already met both opposition leaders and has indicated the need to work together if change of government is to be attained.
“These people seem to be agreeing about working together ahead of the election this year; they have indicated and agreed to stop Sata and RB from continuing leading Zambia,” said the source.

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