HH must be freed

Please publish my opinion:
My name is memory chika phiri, a concerned citizen. I ‘d like to shed light on the arrest of HH. When you go on social media you’ll find that some people are saying HH broke the law and deserves to be punished, overlooking the circumstances surrounding his arrest. It is said that HH did not adhere to traffic rules that he was supposed to pull-over and park by road side. Well, you could be right but in my opinion if there be any body to take responsibility it’s the police and state agents. The clues are found in Amos Chanda’s initial facebook statements (for authenticity, go to his facebook posts of April 8, 9 and 10th 2017, unless he’s removed them). Chanda mentioned that the move to overtake HH’s motorcade was reached after they pre-ensured that there was no possible harm to the president and the presidential motorcade, he said that actually the president himself took part in the decision making of overtaking HH. It was not an accidental occurence, it was foreseen. This is not about the law, its about hate, bitterness, tribal hate, tit for tat, who’s the best and so on… The president is bitter because local people there opted to celebrate HH and not him. So it’s not about the law here, it’s all hate and showing off as to who has more muscle. The police has a mandate of pushing everybody off road even to the extent of killing, but why and how did they fail? It all points out that the whole thing is politically motivated, and well propagated. What amazes me the most is that instead of ECL to show leadership qualities of setting a table of peace he’s the one escalating the already volatile situation. Today he says that he’s diverting his energy to development, he’s stopping politiking… How? When he’s at the center of politiking itself… Instead of setting an example he’s at the front of the same pre-existing confusion. Its high time people our leaders matured. You ‘ve got families and relatives, why are you distabilizing the country? Reconciliation should start now and HH must be released unconditionally…

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