HH: old, vengeful Sata won’t arrest me because he will never be president

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says he is not worried about threats of being arrested and prosecuted by PF leader Micheal Sata if PF formed government.
Hichilema was responding to PF president Sata’s plans to arrest and prosecute Him once voted into office over the role he played in the privatization of state assets

Hichilema told the Watchdog that said Sata is nothing but an old man who is full of vengeance and hatred for the people he wants to lead.
“Honestly why should you plan to arrest and prosecute a private citizen when you form government, that is why I have been telling Zambians that this nation needs real change and that real change must
be guided by a young man with ideals of governance not old and recycled politicians who harbour hate and vengeance in their hearts,” said Hichilema.
Hichilema said it is unfortunate that before Sata could ascend to power he has plans to persecute some people he perceive to be wrongdoers.
“I am not shaken let him go ahead, am game for him but what he must know is that he will never be president of this country because the people of Zambia need real leaders who will protect their people than planning to jail innocent souls. With us here we shall take care of people like Mr. Sata because they have contributed to the political governance of this nation, we shall not revenge and shall not take then to courts because they are our fathers we might need them in the future for guidance,” said Hichilema.
Sata plans to probe his former pact partner Hichilema after forming government this year over the role he played in the privatization of state assets in the Chiluba regime.


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