HH promises balanced cabinet, constitution as ZESCO blacks out Lusaka

HH promises balanced cabinet, constitution as ZESCO blacks out Lusaka

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says he will use the 8 nominated MPs to give a national character to his cabinet once elected on January 20, 2015.

And several schools in Lusaka failed to submit grade nine exam reports to the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) after ZESCO blacked out most parts of Lusaka in an effort to prevent people from listening Hichilema on Millennium Radio on Tuesday evening.
Asked how he will balance his cabinet, Hichilema explained that apart from Southern province, the UPND has members of parliament in Central, Western, North Western, and Copper belt provinces adding that the eight nominated members will also allow the appointment of cabinet ministers from all provinces of Zambia as opposed to having a cabinet dominated by one region.

HH and wife

HH at gargantuan rally last weekend

HH and wife
HH and wife

Hichilema allayed fears by some callers that his government will have difficulties to pass bills in parliament due to their small number and explained that on national issues like the constitution you need bipartisan support as opposed to creating unnecessary by-elections.
He said even in Congress (USA) and the House of Commons (UK) national issues are agreed using bipartisan support even if the government has a minority representation.
He said the UPND has a lot of support from MMD members of parliament adding that even some PF members were supporting them.
On investment Hichilema said priority will be given to Zambians with foreign investment structured in such a way that it benefits Zambian citizens.
On reports that the infamous cartel was now financing his campaign , he said he has nothing to do with that and wondered if all endorsements he has received so far are influenced by the cartel.
Hichilema pointed out that there are people who are determined to stop him from wining the elections by hook and crook and have gone to the extent of setting up anti HH websites where they are now alleging that he has a girl friend because they have no issues on which to challenge him.
He promised to allow law enforcement agencies work independently and explained that the Auditor General will be giving a copy of its reports to the Anti- Corruption Commission without hindrance from the executive and added that there will be no harassment of journalists or vindictive arrests.
On land acquisition, he said the government would provide land to common Zambians by buying un- used land from farmers which will then be serviced by government with properly planned roads before giving plots.

Hichilema promised that once elected, enacting a new constitution would be one of his top priorities.
And Hichilema has maintained that he would not need the tax payers to build him a retirement house and promised that his salary will be donated to charity.
He wondered why a president should be the first on a queue demanding to have a house built for him when Zambians can’t afford to build a one roomed house.
He said one should be able to build his own house before aspiring to lead the country.
‘ A president should not be the first one on a queue demanding for shiny tiles to be put in his house when ordinary people can’t afford a one roomed house,’ said Hichilema.
Meanwhile some parts of Lusaka were blacked out by ZESCO at the time the UPND leader was on Radio. Power was switched off minutes after 14 hours and was only restored at 19:41 hours.
The blackout however affected most schools that were supposed to submit reports on the grade nine exams that finished on 24th November 2014.
Some teachers spoken to by the Watchdog said they prepared the reports on Tuesday but failed to print out due to the power blackout.
‘We are supposed to submit the reports on the grade nine exams as you know they finished writing yesterday on 24th November and the reports should reach the Director at Examination Council today (25th) but we are stack because we can’t print, all the schools around here have failed to print,’ complained one teacher.

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