HH promises to reduce cost of farming inputs

HH promises to reduce cost of farming inputs

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema days he will work tirelessly towards reducing the cost of farming inputs so that farmers can grow more and get the best value for their produce.


He was speaking during a public rally in Katete district of Easten province. image image image

HH went onto emphasise the need to increase satellite depots in rural communities so that farmers do not have to travel long distances to market areas. He made these commitments when delivering his 10 Point Plan for Zambia at campaign meetings in Katete District this afternoon.

He thanked the people for turning up in numbers to come and listen to the UPND’s vision for Zambia, despite Monday being a working day. Meanwhile UPND Vice President Dr. Canisius Banda urged people to turnout in numbers on 11th August and vote for the UPND leadership at all levels. Dr. Banda also as advised Zambians never to listen to divisive elements in society that were bent on separating the people of Zambia
Earlier in the day President HH made time to meet with Chief Mbang’ombe of the Chewa speaking people of Eastern Province in Katete District, he has bemoaned the lack of development in his area, especially when it comes to schools and healthcare.

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