HH promises to resolve land impasse at Choma market

Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has promised to resolve the land impasse faced by the traders at Choma’s Makalanguzu market, near Zambia Railways.

Addressing a huge crowd that welcomed him in Choma yesterday, Mr. Hichilema said it was pointless to remove people from trading in certain areas without giving them alternatives.

“Trading in the streets is dangerous. The sanitation situation is very bad. But I understand you have to earn a living because you are jobless. You are earning a living at that Makalungu market which is very dangerous as it is near a railway line. People in Lusaka are also trading along the rail line in Kamwala area because they have to earn a living. But we need to address the situation. Zambian has plenty of land and job opportunities. We shall not chase you like thieves. Where we feel the situation is not very good and safe, we shall offer you alternatives places,” said Hichilema.

And the UPND leader committed to combating the agriculture challenges being faced by farmers around the country.

Hichilema said it was unacceptable that farmers were being arrested for demanding payments from the PF government as was the case with Kasama.

He said cattle deseases also needed to be fully addressed.

The UPND leader is on a ‘Zambian United Tour’ of the country and is headed to Chipata in Eastern Province today after the court case in Kitwe where he is being persecuted by the PF regime.

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