HH reacts to attacks in Shiwangandu

HH reacts to attacks in Shiwangandu

Timage image imagehe attacks on our people in Shiwang’andu today clearly show that the PF has no vision other than that of hacking our citizens who are poverty stricken as a result of their failed leadership.

We strongly condemn the barbaric acts of the PF cadres who even attempted to bring down our helicopter this afternoon.

President Edgar Lungu must realise that if he continues to take no action in response to the growing violence, our country will soon be on fire. As sitting President he must take responsibility or else be held accountable for what follows.

Our central focus as UPND is on developing the nation, fixing our broken economy and not hacking citizens who hold divergent views, as the PF have done here today.

We call for peace and unity in our country as we carry out our campaigns, before, during and after elections.

We further appeal to our members across the country to remain strong and not to involve themselves in violent activities.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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