HH receives Mpongwe defectors, tells Sata to come out and stop merely peeping in cameras during swearing-in ceremonies

HH receives Mpongwe defectors, tells Sata to come out and stop merely peeping in cameras during swearing-in ceremonies

defector 1Former District Commission for Mpongwe and Lufwanyama Miniver Mutesa today led a delegation of 240 defectors from other political parties to join the UPND.

Mrs. Mutesa who contested as independent candidate for Lufwanyama and emerged number two led a group of defectors from MMD, PF, ADD, and FDD.

The defectors were welcomed by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and urged them to continue recruiting more members so that the fight against oppression under president Michael Sata.

And Mr. Hichilema said he was saddened by misrepresentation and twisting of facts by the Post newspaper over the sex remark and challenged journalist to play their recorders and check if there was any mention of sex in his last press briefing.

Mr. Hichilema said he merely urged people to tell their spouses that if they continued singing ‘donchi kubeba’ in homes, there would be nothing in those homes.

And the UPND president has advised president Michael Sata to come out in the open and face the many challenges affecting the country than merely peeping in front of television cameras and microphones during swearing-in ceremonies.

Reacting to Sata’s threats to introduce UNIP style price controls in a free market economy, Mr. Hichilema said leadership was more than merely issuing directives behind the comforts of State House walls where everything is paid for.

He said it was important for Mr. Sata and his PF to seriously take stock of the available maize in the country, if there was any left, otherwise all the moves aimed at so called ‘operation flood the market’ to reduce the price will be temporal and futile.

“The biggest question Mr. Sata and his PF administration should be asking now is whether the country still has enough maize and other essential food reserves? How much will remain under this ‘operation flood the market’ and how long will the nation need to consume before the next harvest season which is only expected around April 2013?

defector 2Assuming all the maize is carelessly offloaded now for what seems to be political reasons and conveniences, does the country have sufficient stop-gap measures to avert eminent hunger,” Mr. Hichilema asked.

Mr. Hichilema has warned that without proper planning, prices of mealie meal and other essential commodities will never come down, just like was the case with the US dollar the PF offloaded on the market from the foreign reserves and other measures such as the statutory instrument banning use of foreign currency.

He said besides maize shortages that have already been subsidized by government, there were other economical fundamentals that were driving the price of mealie meal such as high production and transportation costs under the PF regime that needs to address.

He said he expects more from Mr. Sata and his PF government who campaigned on the premise of being experienced in government than the current haphazard way of doing things devoid of proper planning.

According to Mr. Hichilema, the PF was more pre-occupied with suppressing the opposition and poaching their members through costly schemes and bye-elections that only benefit a few people but are a huge drain on the national treasury.

He gave an example of North-western province where 15 out of the 25 wards, Mwinilunga (5), Kabompo East-now Manyinga district (6), Kabompo West (3) and Chavuma (1) were induced by defections to PF save for one in Chavuma whose councilor died.

It is really absurd that instead of settling to address serious national issues of education, health care, food and sanitation, Mr. Sata was feeling nice to waste meager resources by simulating more defections and increase representations at various levels.

He said it was also now clear that even the so-called new districts being created were mere political wings or branches of PF campaign centers as opposed to meaningful planned development agendas

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