HH, Banda refuse to be intimidated, hold rally rally at Mambwe bona

HH, Banda refuse to be intimidated, hold rally rally at Mambwe bona

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema Sunday afternoon defied police and held a rally in Mambwe in Eastern province.

Eastern Province police commissioner Grace Chipalila tried to follow orders from ailing dictator Michael Sata to block Hichilema and said the 20140316_120459[1] 20140316_125827[1] 20140316_162242[1] IMG-20140316-WA0001opposition leader could not hold rallies in places where there are pending by-elections because the case is still in court.

But there is no court order stopping opposition leaders from visiting the area or indeed meeting people. And Sata was campaigning in the same area a few weeks ago.

She summoned HH, vice-president Canisius Banda and other officials to the police station. But HH and his entourage just went to Mambwe to meet the people as they already have a permit signed by the police.  The UPND team was granted a permit to tour Eastern province but the government had tried to block them from even going to Eastern province.

HH later addressed a huge rally at Mambwe Boma where he told the people that their tribulations were temporal as the ruling PF was just a one term government that has already started packing and will exit come 2016.

Hichilema, who was initially supposed to hold in-door meetings, which have also been cancelled, has now resorted to public rallies despite police ban saying he will not accept to be intimidated or to be told when to meet people by Sata.

Some people attended the rally were heard saying let the police come and kill all of us if they want.

Mr. Hichilema and Banda today Monday are expected to hold two more public rallies in Masumba and Musoro.

On Sunday, Hichilema started his tour of the province by attending the 64th anniversary of the Chikungu Catholic Mission.


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