HH reiterates need for restraint amid PF thuggery

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has reiterated his call to his supporters for restraint amid provocation.
Hichilema lamented that UPND posters, billboards and other campaign materials were being savagely ripped to pieces by opponents in a manner never seen before in Zambia’s history.
He has however urged supporters to take solace and wisdom from Jesus Christ who still found room in his heart to forgive those who tormented him adding that his call was not a sign of weakness.
‘This call is not a sign of weakness but a show of strength that we can bare such pain and not lower ourselves as we have the positive and clear message for our people,’ Hichilema said.
He pointed out that the billboard companies contracted to erect the billboards do not belong to the UPND but to Zambian entrepreneurs who are being paid and in turn create jobs for Zambians who are under difficulty economic challenges.
Hichilema explained that part of the UPND 10 point plan for Zambia was to leave the thuggery exhibited by some elements behind through good governance and bringing order and peace to the nation again.
He said the nation needed a democracy where it was not a crime to hold divergent views but a country where people are held accountable for criminal acts.
‘We want a country and a democracy where it will not be a crime to hold divergent views. We want a country where people are held to answer for such criminal acts, which not only violate the electoral code of conduct but vandalism of public property which is also a crime,’ Hichilema said.
Hichilema said the country will only attract local and foreign investments if laws governing the country are respected and called on his supporters to be civil.
‘Our message to our people once more is let’s be civil and forgiving. God is watching and sees all,’ Hichilema said.
PF thugs have been removing and damaging UPND campaign billboards and posters across the country.

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