HH reprimands Scott

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema today gave a free lecture to Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scot on tribe.

Hichilema who was speaking in his capacity as Lwindi Traditional Ceremony Patron literally told off Dr. Scot when he said there was no minority tribe in Zambia.

“There are four things I want to talk about. On tribe I would like to say that it was wrong for the Vice President to say Tonga is minority tribe. There is no minority tribe in Zambia. Look at United States of America (USA) the black community only accounts for 13 percent but Barack Obama is the President. People look for quality not tribe. I hope I have educated you on this,” Hichilema said as Scot pretended he was not paying attention while talking to his Wife.

Hichilema also asked government to increase the Maize floor price from K70,000 to K 85,000.

Speaking at the same function, Chief Monze called for peace in the nation saying without peace, there can be no development.

Speaking earlier, Mazabuka Member of Parliament asked Dr. Scot to take the opportunity of him being the guest of honour at the Lwindi Traditional Ceremony to apologise to the people of Southern Province.

“I think your trip to this place is God sent. I think you can take this opportunity to do the necessary by apologising to Tongas,” he said.

But speaking when he gave his speech, Dr. Scot refused to apologise again saying he had already done so in parliament and his apologise was well covered by the media.

On Maize floor price, Dr. Scot said those who want to raise more money from Maize sells are free to sell their products across the borders.

Scot delivered his speech amidst hostility as several people shouted “Abash minority”. Scott left soon after presenting a gift to Senior Chief Monze the host of the Lwiindi Traditional Ceremony of the Tonga people of Southern Province of Zambia.

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