HH respects women more than Sata and M’membe

Bwana editor,

I was surprised to read and hear on PF TVs and radio stations the hypocrisy about Hakainde Hichilema and respect for women.

HH advised girls to withhold sex from PF officials in order to force them fulfil promises. Now the PF and the Post newspaper decided that this is gender-based violence.

But what I know is that HH respects women more than President Michael Sata and Fred M’membe.

For example, HH has been married to one and only one woman, Mutinta, the whole of his life. He only has children with Mutinta.

But Sata, how many women has he married and discarded after using them? How many wild oats has he sowed all over the country?

Which of his children were born inside wedlock?

What about M’membe, how many women has he abused and discarded?

Even Mazoka’s daughter was sexually and financially abused them thrown away.

How many girlfriends has M’membe now and in the past?

Infact, one of the state advocates who are harassing HH Marriam Bar is a former girlfriend of M’membe. Yes, when Marriam Bar, the girl originally from Mali, was studying law at UNZA and M’membe was doing part-time law at UNZA, he used to sleep with her. Maybe he still does.

Now, tell me, who sees women as mere sex tools, HH or Sata and M’membe on the other side?

B. Moyenda


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