HH responds to president Lungu’s threats

*10th August 2021*


My competitor Mr. Edgar Lungu travelled all the way from Lusaka to the Copperbelt on Saturday to join the bandwagon of his campaign team that has been preaching hatred and pure lies against me instead of talking about what they will do for the suffering Zambian masses.

In his usual way of addressing the nation at the airports even on serious issues, Mr. Lungu threatened to arrest me should he win elections, for whatever imaginary crimes again like he has been doing it.

Even more shocking are the pure lies he told about me receiving money from Vedanta in return for their mine.

Our policy position on KCM and other mining houses in the country has been very consistent with regards the poor conditions of service and generally the low production in the sector due to unstable policies.

In fact, way before the liquidation of KCM, we kept voicing out against the mismanagement of KCM by Vedanta yet the PF regime under Mr. Lungu could not act on time. How then can he tell the nation such blatant lies which are clearly meant to incite people against me?

To us, the problems that the mines have endured have been due to poor leadership and lack of supervision by Mr. Lungu’s government. As UPND we shall ensure the mines are properly capitalised and we believe the country has well qualified local expertise who can run our mines profitably, if well supported without any undue political interference like has been under him.

We are aware that there are a lot of contractor employees who do most of the mining and critical tasks in the mines but getting paid as little as K2000 per month. This is totally unacceptable and we as UPND shall ensure a decent living wage for every employee working in the mines.

As UPND, we believe that even as we may have different political ideologies, there must be decency in the manner we disagree than spreading hatred and pure lies against opponents at every forum like our colleagues in the PF have been doing throughout this campaign period.

*Hakainde Hichilema*

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