HH reveals that Sata wants to create 30 by-elections

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has revealed that the PF plans to cause 30 unnecessary by-electionsby poaching MPs from the opposition.

Speaking during a live Joy FM radio programme this afternoon, Hichilema said the unnecessary by-elections would cost the country K300 billion. PF is trying hard to have a majority in parliament and so far, two MMD MPs have crossed over.

“Why should such huge amounts of money be used in by-elections? Only hell knows why Sata is doing this. We should instead use this money to supply mealie-meal to people and to create jobs. These by-elections are being promoted by a reckless party,” he said.

He advised opposition MPs not to accept to be bought by PF, as they were weakening the opposition and causing costly by-elections.

“What is happening in MMD is unfortunate. We need a parliament that has the opposition to remove the dictator,” he said

Hichilema said the PF had made numerous attempts to lure UPND MPs but they have all refused to join them.

“There have been numerous approached to UPND and all of them have said No! I am proud of UPND MPs. I’m proud of all other MPs in other opposition parties who have turned down PF offers,” he said.

He said Sata and the PF were feeling the pressure of their failure to deliver on their election promises and were venting their frustrations on innocent people in the opposition.

“They have failed to deliver on their reckless promises, which is the yardstick with which we are measuring them. Over the past one year, the political situation has degenerated. We have seen the brutal use of the police force, youths have no jobs, prices of mealie-meal are going high, people have no money in their pockets, power blackouts are everywhere, and hospitals have no water. This is the pressure Sata is feeling because he went into government without a plan,” Hichilema said.

And the UPND president has advised Zambians to prepare for an early election and remove the PF regime because there was no way they could be in-fighting within the ruling party if everything was fine.

He said the in-fighting in PF shows that there was something they know that Zambians may not know because he does not understand how they could be fighting if everything was fine.

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