HH salutes teachers, says they deserve better

Teachers play a cardinal role in building a nation. They are the custodians of knowledge which is imparted into citizens through them. Their role therefore can never be underestimated. Teachers do not only impart knowledge but also skills and values to our children. This is a group of professionals who hold the key to our value system.

I have always said that “Education is the best Equaliser”. I will not depart from this statement because I am convinced that indeed Education is the best equaliser and inheritance. Our education system is not the best for various reasons and let me state upfront that when the opportunity for UPND comes, we shall put education as number one in our social investment plan.
Governments have come and gone and teachers are still not being given the recognition they deserve.

This day therefore should serve as a reminder to all of us, of the heavy responsibility we have placed on colleagues that have decided to pursue a career in teaching. We cannot be sending teachers to schools that have no accommodation. We cannot be sending teachers into classes that have no teaching aids. We cannot continue sending teachers in work environments that are not fit for both the learner and the teacher.

We cannot train teachers once and expect them to look out for sponsors to retool and reskill themselves while the Government stands by and looks. There is nothing more dangerous to our society than a frustrated teacher. We therefore collectively, as society, owe it to the teachers to make their career choice as fulfilling as possible.

On this day, I pay tribute to the thousands of teachers in the country who have dedicated their lives to building us a nation of hardworking and skilled citizens. I therefore make an undertaking that a UPND Government is going to invest in the teaching fraternity in honour of the good work the teachers are doing and in appreciation of the education, I as Hakainde, received from my teachers which has made me what I am today.



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