HH, Sampa campaign in Lupososhi

HH, Sampa campaign in Lupososhi

13327465_1172203929497022_1052054657669585474_n 13325684_1172203922830356_6273519231360211599_nUPND President Hakainde Hichilema says it is disturbing to note how poverty levels have risen in a land of plenty such as Lupososhi Constituency in Northern Province and within such a short period of time.

The UPND leader, who is accompanied by UDF President Miles Sampa, told a public rally in rural villages of Lupososhi Constituency that it was evident that people in the country can no longer afford 3 meals a day due to poor leadership with economic mismanagement.

Mr. Hichilema reiterated his desire to fully implement economic diversification programmes under the UPND’s 10 Point Plan that will focus on agriculture and value addition industries as a means to create jobs for rural communities.

The UPND leader called on Zambians to remain united, peaceful and issue-based, and ignore those with hateful and derogatory language against other people.

And UDF President Sampa said the remaining PF leadership had no economic solutions for the people of Zambia.

Mr. Sampa called on the people of Northern Province to embrace each other and rally behind the leadership of the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema who has a heart for Zambians.

He added that the UPND and the UDF have an understanding of how the country’s poverty level can be reduced.

Mr. Sampa called on the people of Lupososhi Constituency not to remain behind but turnout in numbers on 11th August and vote for the UPND leadership, but must also ensure they protect their votes.

One of the meetings was also addressed by Chief Mutondo of the Bemba speaking people, where he urged his subjects to vote for the UPND leadership.

Earlier the duo also met Chief Katuta in Lupososhi Constituency who bemoaned the lack of development in his area.13406921_1172203802830368_796230785530617532_n 13393914_1172204026163679_4855702202484243515_n 13339485_1172203949497020_2647385263145949673_n

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