HH, Sata challenged to condemn attack on Chizyuka

The Copperbelt Welfare and Environment Protection has condemned what is described as the culture of violence perpetrated by cadres of the Patriotic Front (PF) and the United Party for National Development (UPND) when they attacked Namwala Member of Parliament Major Robby Chizyuka in Lusaka yesterday.

“We are worried that the PF leadership and that of the UPND have not condemned the ugly face of hooliganism as exhibited by cadres from the two parties. The cadres exposed the political culture of violence by attacking an innocent Zambian who had the right to express himself, “said association president Sydney Njamba.

Njamba said that Major Chizyuka, as a Zambian, has the right to express his feelings and his human rights should not be interfered with ‘by people who want to hide their parties’ failure to attract a following.’

He said the PF and UPND should be tolerant of people with dissenting views and be able to embrace them than resorting to ancient ways of dealing with issues by hurling insults and missiles at people who want to address their concerns.

“It was inconceivable that the cadres had the audacity to pick stones and other missiles to target at Major Chizyuka and his sympathisers just because he has been labelled to be pro-MMD.

“We demand that PF President Mr Michael Sata and his counterpart at the UPND Hakainde Hichilema must apologise to Major Chizyuka and his followers for the violent behaviour by their cadres because if that is not done, then they are setting a bad precedent for Zambian politics.

“Politicians should not be fearing to hold Press Conferences to state their positions just because they would be attacked by cadres from other political parties. This should be condemned in the strongest terms possible by Mr Sata and Mr Hichilema,” said Njamba

And Njamba has asked the Zambia Police to follow up the matter to the logical conclusions ‘so that whoever participated in the attack of Major Chizyuka is brought to book.’

He said that, that way, the Police will be deterring would-be perpetrators of similar violence.

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