HH, Sata support parallel votes tabulation

Opposition leaders have backed the now controversial parallel votes tabulation.
Both UPND and PF say the PVT is necessary and should be allowed in this year’s general elections.
PF leader Michael Sata was quoted by Hot FM radio saying that the PVT helped his party win the Mporokoso parliamentary bye election.
Sata said his party used the PVT to get the results before the Electoral Commission of Zambia and thus prevented rigging.
And UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was quoted by the same radio saying that PVT will ensure that the election is not manipulated.
He said there is nothing wrong with the parallel announcement of results as long as the source of the results is the same with ECZ.
He said people who are against the PVT want to manipulate the election results.
The government is against PVT saying it is designed to bring chaos to Zambia like it has done in Kenya and Ivory Coast by announcing partial results to the public.

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