HH says a good constitution puts food on the table, as he welcomes Mpika defectors

Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says it baffles him on how some people in PF fail to understand that a good constitution and good laws actually put food on the table in that they ensure accountability which is key to economic development and resources utilization.

And almost the entire Mpika District MMD officials from Muchinga Province defected from their party to join the UPND.

In welcoming the defectors, Mr. Hichilema said Zambians should ignore arguments from a few illiterates that a constitution is just a piece paper that will never put food on the table.

“Surely people who fail to connect such important issues belong to a generation that has never gone to school.Can you imagine, under the current state of affairs, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and other investigative wings are so toothless to follow-up on serious corruption cases that have robbed this country of valuable resources that would have put food on the table and that poor child in school,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said because of the weak constitution that guarantee independence of investigative wings, there is a situation where those close to the president cannot be investigated for economic plunder.

“The only time Mr. Sata can unleash these wings on somebody is when you differ with him. But with a good constitution, one does not need to be a friend to the president for them to be accountable and protect public resources that put food on the table,” he said.

He said Zambians could be paying more because of the lack of transparency and accountability in areas such as fuel importation, fertilizer, and other essential goods leading to poverty in many homes, yet with a good constitution, resources utilization would be maximized.

“We currently have a reckless regime that is borrowing and punishing future generations with a huge debt, but cannot be questioned how the resources are being used. Is it not cause for a good constitution that will allow citizens to freely question how those resources are being utilised in putting food on people’s tables?” he questioned.

He said the constitution was not only about one or two clauses because even the current oppressive environment, where journalists and other critical voices were being arrested and oppressed was due to poor constitution.

And in welcoming the new members, Mr. Hichilema reminded them that, the party was humbled to note that Mpika and all other parts of the country, several hundreds of kilometres away from Southern Province, are joining the UPND ahead of the 2016 election.

“Comrades, in UPND membership is equal partnership both for old and new Members unlike in PF where there is what is called A-team and B-team or other Parties where there is true-blue and fake blue.

Among those who resigned are District Party organiser, District Youth Chairman, District Chairman, District Chairlady and District Secretary

MMD Mpika District Chairlady Mrs, Chilufya Chikonde declared the end of the former MMD ruling Party in Mpika as the entire leadership has joined the opposition UPND, the party they have pledged to
campaign vigorously ahead of 2016 general election.

Mrs. Chikonde described the UPND leader as the best of the best available to propel Zambian development to a highest level and unite the citizens of the country.

“Kwena natemwa sana ukuba namayo wamu UPND and I am proud to stand next to the incoming president of the land” said Chikonde

Speaking earlier, District Chairperson Mr. Chrispin Chilekwa Bwalya, said he and his team are humbled to receive such a humorous reception.

“Kwena mukwayi natu chepa pali reception iyi and we are prmising to go and campaign massively for UPND in Mpika” said Mr Chilekwa.

He announced that almost all MMD Constituencies in Mpika District have indicated that, after this meeting, they were going to hold their own defection rally in Mpika District for new members into

“We shall hold our own baptism of UPND members in Mpika, you will hear,” he said.

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