HH says banning PSV night movements having adverse effects

HH says banning PSV night movements having adverse effects

15977202_1392063734177706_4542176716081025964_nHakainde Hichilema writes

Good morning friends

Of late, we have been spending time with the business community just to hear from them over this mistimed decision to ban the movement of public service vehicles at night.

This arbitrary decision, that was taken without any consultations, has had serious adverse effects on the economy but most importantly has made Zambia the official most expensive country to do business in sub-saharan Africa.

This is against the backdrop of other countries cutting down the cost of doing business.

During these meetings, businesses dealing in perishable goods, goods that must reach their destination within the stipulated time have been heavily affected. Most are now contemplating stopping to trade.

And this decision has affected the markets downstream that depend on these businesses for their trade.

This is true for those companies that deal in green vegetables and milk that are now incurring huge losses, as their vehicles that should ideally continue moving to the markets, are now being impounded.

As you know some of the sources of milk and vegetables are quite far from the market, and cannot be moved quickly, the transporters would thus travel through the night to reach the market while the produce is fresh, but now they have been curtailed by this arbitrary decision.

This bad decision has left farmers in far flung areas stranded with their vegetable and milk because the businessmen and women are not reaching there, due to time limitations on when they can move their commodities.

This is not only affecting milk and vegetable traders, even those moving animals, day old chicks, name it, they are all affected by this careless decision. Producers of flowers are also in this same dilemma.

Regional transporters from South Africa and Zimbabwe are now routing their cargo to East Africa through Mozambique and Malawi.

This is revenue loss for a country that desperately needs every single ngwee it can lay its hands on. But we know that for those who want to cling on leadership will only rely on killing citizens through increased taxes as opposed to making the economy running 24/7, instead of making it sleep.

We care for human lives and have equally been concerned with the increase in road accidents.

But the solution to reducing accidents does not lie in these adhoc measures but rather a robust road patrol system, nicely paved and tarred roads, with proper road furniture, not these chipantepante type measures.

Have a great day and God bless you all.

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